Candle Care Guide

Wick'ety Wack

Candle Care Guide


Thankyou for shopping with Wick'ety Wack Candles, for optimum burn time and fragrance throw please follow the steps in this guide.

  1. Trim wick after every use to 1cm. This will allow for an even burn, better scent throw and longer burn time.

  2. Burn Medium to XL candles a minimum of 2 hours(or until melted wax reaches sides) and no longer then 4 hours. Small candles burn no longer then 2 hours. This will stop flame becoming too big & burning off fragrance, shortening burn time, wick falling over and in some cases the glass becoming extremely hot and breaking.

  3. Do not put candle out with the wooden lids, it may catch alight and the flame will damage the lid. Alternatively use a wick dipper to extinguish with no smoke.

  4. Avoid drafts. Flickering flames burn through the candle faster, cause uneven burn and can be very dangerous.

  5. Always ensure your wick is centered when burning. Sometimes if candle has been burning for too long the wick can drift to the side in the liquid wax pool. Blow out and center the wick and let wax harden. If wick is too close to the glass the flame can break the glass.

  6. Leave at least 1cm of wax at the bottom of jar to avoid overheating & breaking jar.

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