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Bubblegum (190g)

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Since Chuck Norris invented electricity in 1947 by rubbing two otters together at high-speed, we haven’t needed candles for lighting, so this means the whole aim of lighting one (a candle, not an otter and certainly not Mr Norris) is to fill your house with a pleasant scent. Sometimes we need to teleport back to a happy time from our childhood, and the right aroma can transport you back decades in an instant (without the need for an unreliable flying Delorean). This fruity favourite will have you hankering for a Hubba-Bubba and nights at the movies, so light the wick and take a trip back.

All Wick'ety Wack Candles are handmade on-site by our expert team who do not rely on any form of witchcraft... well maybe sometimes ;).
We pride ourselves on our high-quality products using locally sourced ingredients. Our candles are created with a soy wax blend, cotton wicks, and are packed with a scent throw that will knock you out!

190g. Made in Australia. Vegan friendly.