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Coconut Lime (190g)

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Could you imagine how different Game Of Thrones would have been if they’d had a few of our Coconut Lime candles dotted about the various castles? The warlords would’ve been chilled, the White Walkers would’ve been too busy taking five to march, and Little Joffrey The Jerk might not have grown up to be such an uptight little fiend… ok that last one might have been a stretch but we’re talking about a seriously impressive candle here. Not that we’re tooting our own horn here *toot* but our tropics-inspired Coconut Lime candles are pretty much the ultimate refresher, and an A-grade way to reset the clocks and relax, thanks to the fusion of such awesome fragrances as fresh coconut, lime, verbena, topped with luscious vanilla.


All Wick'ety Wack Candles are hand-made by our expert team in Sydney, Australia, using locally-sourced ingredients. Ain’t nobody got time to import ingredients responsible for making your house smell nice, so we make all our candles on-site and do not rely on any form of witchcraft, whatsoever.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality products, with the creamy, high-scent-blend soy wax, 100% pure cotton wicks, packed with knockout scent throw, and enjoying the huge visual appeal of our unique tie dye colouring. We love the process of creating wild, new candles and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.