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Judge Judy Candle (190g)

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Wick'ety Wack presents our Pop Culture Collection.

Judge Judy is a great storyteller and has a way of making even the most mundane cases interesting. Most importantly she’s not afraid to call out people for their BS!

"Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever"

Smells like The American Dream.

Fragrance: Pink Candy & Fairy Floss

All Wick'ety Wack Candles are handmade on-site by our expert team who do not rely on any form of witchcraft... well maybe sometimes ;).
We pride ourselves on our high-quality products using locally sourced ingredients. Our candles are created with a soy wax blend, cotton wicks, and are packed with a scent throw that will knock you out!

190g. Made in Australia. Vegan friendly.