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Spice Girls Scent Mist

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If you wannabe the best smelling Saturday night diva, then stop right now! Spice up your life with our nostalgic Spice body spray.

We have increased scent load so it is stronger than the original impulse sprays

Please note that this is as close to original scent, and as been machine matched using vintage bottles. 

Artwork by Smoothytoons.

Made in Australia. Vegan Friendly.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lucy stone
Amazing 👏

So glad I found this!
I'd been looking everywhere and couldn't find it, then I happen to come across this page! My husband brought me this for my birthday, it arrived a couple of days ago.. and it's amazing. The smell is very much the same as the impulse ones back in the day!
Thankyou so much. I will most probably buy another one!!

Nostalgia in a bottle!

When I first got this, I won't lie, I was disappointed. The smell was barely there and not really how I remember it. But I decided to mascerate the fragrance to see it that helped. I sprayed it about 10 times and then left it untouched for a month in a dark cool cupboard. I opened it today and the smell has amplified ten fold and is spot on! Instant nostalgia, spicy, sweet and a tangerine tang. Wear it with an orange or woodsy body lotion to push the fragrance even further. So fun to relive this fun perfume from the past.

Old school ❤️

There is nothing that does not hit the nostalgia button. So much so I have a back up in the cupboard just incase it’s discontinued. I freaking love it!

Melissa Maclure
I’m back!

This is the second bottle I’ve bought, it’s amazing and flashes you straight back to the Spice Girls era

Donna S
Trip down memory lane.

Absolutely love this. From the minute I opened the bottle I was taken back to my early teen years. The fragrance is just as I remember. Highly recommend it